Sculpting Tool

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THE SCULPTING TOOL — An essential to enhance your skin care ritual. Gently glide across face and neck to promote lymphatic drainage—depuffing, improving circulation to regenerate skin tissue, and eradicating toxins from skin. Naturally lifts, contours and smooths out fine lines. Relieves muscle tension and leaves skin radiant.

How to use

Apply a few drops of the Ritual Serum to clean skin, creating optimal glide for the Sculpting Tool. Use to gently massage jawline, cheek bones, under eye, brow line, forehead and neck.

Skin type

All skin types

Key benefits

Sculpts and lifts
Reduces puffiness
Smooths skin to minimize fine lines
Drains lymphatic fluid build up
Eradicates toxins in skin
Improves circulation to encourage cell repair
Relieves muscle tension

Key ingredients

100% stainless steel. Antimicrobial and shatter-proof.


100% stainless steel.