• A place to call our own

    Our Clean Compound™ retail space, located at 110 High Street Northcote, provides a considered home and community for a collection of well-known clean skincare and fragrance names, as well as up-and-coming brands that are new to market.

    Our offering not only reflects shared brand values and a love of tangible experience, it provides customers with encounters and moments they simply cannot get online. This starts with our gallery-inspired approach to our fit-out, ensuring products are best displayed to customers while conveying each brand and their message clearly.

    Using locally-sourced materials and the skills of local crafts people – the character of the space has been purposefully created to best support and showcase each brand, while sustainable packaging and practices have been used throughout.

    Our dedicated launch zone is regularly transformed to showcase new products from emerging clean skincare and fragrance brands, as well as a space for local artist to display their works. This ever-evolving space is also used during our bimonthly in-store events to highlight different brands and educate on clean living. In doing so, we help customers discover new brands, their latest hero products, learn what makes each brand special and sample a range of new offerings.


  • Our Collaborators

    Our collaborators are just as important to us as our customers. They’re part of our community. We approach each of these collaborations based on the many ways in which our shared values help bring our collective visions to life.


    Nicole Lawrence Studio – our locally made custom shelving display.

    Claire Ellis – our raw and recycled hand made card holders.

    Anchor Signs – our hand painted and brass signage created by Glen.

    HIMMEL Studios – our creative writing studio: Copywriting and tone of voice creation.

    Studio SPGD – our graphic design studio, based in Collingwood: Website creation, packaging and branding.

    i=Change: Making it simple to give back in a powerful way. This allows us to donate $1 from each purchase to a range of charities.

  • Where our story begins

    Born from a desire to educate and inspire, Clean Compound™ showcases the very best clean skincare and fragrance brands throughout Australia and the globe. As a home for those looking to live life a little cleaner, and support those purposefully leaving a smaller footprint behind, our vision is underpinned by considered elements, tangible experience, and thoughtful action.

    Through a curated selection of leading and emerging skincare and fragrance brands, we’ve created a niche and inviting experience for those who walk through our front door. Each interaction consciously crafted from the ground up to empower our community and better care for the world around us. From our use of locally sourced materials to the in-store practices that inform our daily actions, our purpose and passion exists to change today and better support tomorrow.

    Whether a well-known name, or an up-and-comer in the market, each product within our community reflects a dedication to the art of conscious and clean living. In bringing the best of these skincare and fragrance brands under one roof, we hope to create an unforgettable experience for our community and customers alike.

  • Living with purpose

    At the core of Clean Compound™ lies a sense of responsibility and determination to contribute back to our community through sustainable and eco-friendly practices. In creating a world for those seeking the ultimate go-to destination for clean beauty – we’ve established an environment that is itself sustainable, responsible, and inclusive. One that prioritises clean products, businesses and ingredients, and the joy of in-store experiences.

    In working with brands that create sustainable and non-toxic products, we’re committed to collaborating with organisations that are themselves engaging in sustainable and ethical operations. This not only allows us to amplify the voices of those trying to make our world a better place but provides our customers with peace of mind knowing they’re supporting businesses aimed at furthering the greater good for all.

  • A defining difference

    Clean Compound™ exists to create a unique, inspiring, and educational environment for our community. One that shares knowledge about the brands we stock and raises awareness of emerging clean businesses and products. In doing so, we aim to set a new standard for the way in which small businesses can operate.

    From the impact we have to the community we create – we’re respectful of the environment around us and work with authenticity and transparency in all that we do. We extensively consider each element of our own business operations and believe it’s our responsibility to set an example furthering our clean and green message.

  • Our founder

    Founded by Melbournian, Georgina Fitt, Clean Compound™ has grown from a desire to share the best in clean skincare and fragrance to an ever-evolving community of likeminded brands, customers, and collaborators.

    As a former long-term brand manager, Georgina has brought Clean Compound™ to life to provide an unforgettable retail experience to her local community. One that’s supportive, avoids mass market consumption, and celebrates the power of local business.

    Inspired by her many trips abroad, Georgina has curated a selection of leading products from across the globe, and those from suburbs close-by, to provide an easily accessible home for niche and non-toxic skincare and fragrances. In doing so, Georgina has crafted a sustainable practice for those seeking to make a difference with the products they choose to consume.

  • Our Brands

    With a strong focus on Australian and New Zealand products, Clean Compound™ largely represents local brands – many who create and produce just minutes away, while our global names include a variety of the best international, niche brands on the market.

    At Clean Compound™, we are a second home to our brands – a place that does justice to their products and the longstanding journey it has taken to create each one. That’s why we consider each of the brands we stock to be an extension of ourselves. Each one aligning perfectly to our own ethos, values and vision.

    As each product stocked within the store has the ability to change someone’s approach to clean living, we are dedicated to fostering strong brand partnerships that are both longstanding and nourishing for our customers, our partners and our own brand.