Primary Mineral Deodorant

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PRIMARY Mineral Deodorant Spray is lightweight and aluminium-free, formulated with pure magnesium chloride + zinc rincolate, and enriched with a blend of seven active essential oils. Designed to effectively inhibit and neutralize the growth of odor-causing bacteria, support your body’s natural efforts to eliminate toxins, and have you feeling clean and smelling fresh.

How to use

Start with clean, dry skin. Shake your PRIMARY bottle before using and spray 3-5 times under each arm. Wait until the formula has absorbed into the skin before dressing. You want your skin, not your clothes, to absorb the formula.

Skin type

All skin types.

Key benefits

Non-toxic, gentle, clean, effective.

Key ingredients

“MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE – alkaline essential mineral
ZINC RICINOLEATE – natural odor absorber
ALOE VERA – soothing, cooling, and cleansing
WITCH HAZEL – gently astringent and detoxifying
PALMAROSA – exceptional antibacterial and antifungal
TANGERINE – strengthens epidermis layers and increases circulation
CORIANDER – healing, soothing and calming”