Pink Iris Eau de Parfum

AUD 140.00

AUD 140.00

Nose-tingling Sichuan pepper and fresh basil open this traditional floral bouquet where its namesake iris shines among a showstopping lineup of rose, jasmine, and natural musk.

How to use

Moisturising (with a fragrance-free cream or oil) before you apply your perfume as the drier your skin, the more quickly it will absorb the fragrance oils. Perfume applied to your hair and/or clothes will last longer than perfume applied to your skin. Applying to pulse points will also help warm and develop the scent. Just remember, when applied near your nose (i.e. your neck), you become desensitised quickly from the constant smell, so although others will smell your perfume, you won’t.

Skin type

All skin types.

Key benefits

We choose natural ingredients for their olfactory beauty and therapeutic, mood-enhancing qualities. Alongside these positive reasons for choosing natural, plant-derived ingredients, there’s tangible information as to why we don’t use synthetic fragrance molecules derived from fossil fuels. This nonrenewable resource pollutes water and air and has links to several health concerns.

Key ingredients

“top notes – sichuan pepper, raspberry leaf, basil

base notes – vanilla, musk

heart notes – orris root (iris), rose, jasmine”


“Sichuan pepper oil – China
basil oil – Comores Islands
bergamot oil – Italy
lemon oil – Italy
grapefruit oil – Italy
methyl anthranilate *plant derived grape note
carrot seed oil hexenol cis-3 *plant derived matcha tea note
frambinon® *plant derived raspberry leaf note
cabreuva oil – Paraguay
linalool oil rose absolute phenylethyl acetate nat. *plant derived honey note
citronellol jasmin absolute – Egypt
violet leaf absolute – Egypt
lonone beta *plant derived rose note
orris butter concrete – France
heliotropin/piperonal *plant derived vanilla note
vanillin *plant derived vanilla note
bezoin siam absolute tonka bean absolute – Venezuela
ambroxan *plant derived ambergris note
Ambrettolide *plant derived musk note”