Gift Wrapping – Janet Marawarr

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100% Silk Habotai gift wrapping.

WERRKNO: IN THIS SKIN was exhibited at Laundry Gallery earlier this year. An exploration of cultural narratives and the details of ancestral beings, through the lens of bodies and skin. Werrkno is the Kuninjku word for skin/scales/bark/husks, and each of the female artists depicted Werrkno from her own cultural perspective and lens.

The works have been printed in Melbourne on 100% Silk Habotai as our gift wrapping for this season. There are two prints available as an addition to your purchase.

Work 2 –

Artist: Janet Marawarr

Artwork: Namorrorddo Skin

Language: Kuninjku

Clan: Kurulk

Moiety: Duwa

Country: Mankorlod

Kalidjan Janet Marawarr is a senior Kuninjku artist who predominantly works at the Babbarra Womens’ Centre as a talented textile printer. She is renowned for her lino printing of intuitive repeat patterns on a range of textile surfaces. It wasn’t until early 2021 that Janet picked up the manyilk (Bush brush) and painted her first bark painting since the passing of her late husband, Dalngadalnga. Using the knowledge she had from assisting him with his bark paintings, she began to depict Namorrorddo, the Shooting star spirit at Mankorlod. When she is not at the women’s center Lino printing or painting at home, she is working for the Maningrida Night Patrol to keep her community safe.