Discovery Kit

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Discover the best of the natural world and master craftsmanship. An elevated and evolutionary offering in 100% naturally derived fragrances that balance and harmonise energy for your highest self.

Includes: 3x 2ml Discovery Samples

  • 2ml Agati for grounding & stability
  • 2ml Vikasa for love & compassion
  • 2ml Divya for serenity and divine inner wisdom

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How to use
  • Dry skin will not hold a fragrance as long, moisturise first with unscented moisturiser before applying fragrance. Well hydrated skin can hold your fragrance up to 30% longer.
  • Apply to non-pulse point areas such as back of the neck, back of the knees, in your hair. Pulse points (such as wrists and neck) create warmth for the fragrance to accelerate the break down process of the natural botanicals.
  • Avoid rubbing your wrists together if you apply to this pulse point. It affectively “crushes” the delicate top notes such as light florals and citruses and changes the profile of the fragrance.
  • Apply to the collar of clothing as the fragrance will bind better to fabrics and natural fibres.
Skin type
  • Agati Root Chakra for grounding & stability
  • Vikasa Heart Chakra for love & compassion
  • Divya Crown Chakra for serenity and divine inner wisdom
Key benefits
  • 100% Naturally derived
  • Biodegradable formulation
  • Organic Sugar cane ethanol
  • Certified plastic negative
  • FSC certified packaging
  • Ethical & transparent sourcing
  • Cruelty Free
Key ingredients

AGATI: Woody – Earthy – Green

AGATI is an aromatic and grounding blend of woody and earthy essences, nurturing stability, tranquility, and a feeling of security. Its intricate formula intertwines Australian sandalwood, cardamom, basil, bergamot, black pepper, and ginger, infusing profound, grounding energies.

VIKASA: Floral – Citrus – Woody

VIKASA cultivates love, empathy, and a sense of oneness with all things. A blend of invigorating floral, citrus and woody notes inspire inner harmony, accentuated by intoxicating modern rose and fragrant spices that leave a lasting imprint of pleasure and harmonious energies.

DIVYA: Amber – Floral – Woody

DIVYA combines amber, floral and woody scents for serenity and wisdom. The hypnotic scent blends jasmine, frankincense, Australian sandalwood, and cedarwood. Divine. Ethereal. Heavenly-scent.


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