LESSE Cleansing Ritual

An efficacious, high-quality cleanser improves your skin clarity and function, and defines how well your skin will absorb and process the antioxidants and minerals found in the rest of your skin care ritual.

Morning – the Calming Cleanser will intensely hydrate and awaken the skin. Gently massage for 1-2 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

Night – a double cleanse will ensure all makeup, SPF and exposure from the day is removed and your skin is replenished. Start with the Refining Cleanser to gently decongest and deeply purify. Follow with the Calming Cleanser to soothe the complexion and deliver a concentration of vitamins that will continue to heal and rejuvenate on a cellular level after being rinsed.

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Rose AHA Deodorant Stick

Skincare-grade ingredients –

Powerfully fend against odour-causing bacteria naturally.

Founded in 2023 in Los Angeles California MONKS was created due to a gap in the deodorant market. Even the most “natural” deodorants are typically made with synthetic, lab-made ingredients and scents.

“We’re purists. Our ingredients and formulas are truly clean, fresh, and actually improve the skin. We also craft 100% natural fragrance blends made from European essential oils.”


Completely Natural
Aluminium Free
Baking Soda Free
Coconut Oil Free
Minimal Plastics
Vegan & Cruelty Free
Synthetic Fragrance Free

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TULITA Discovery Kit.